Ginette Rhodes

June 27th, 2019

Ginette Rhodes was a senior at The Ohio State University and President of OSU’s NAACP chapter when we found her seated on a panel during a Rosa Parks remembrance event next to a New York Times best-selling author and a university professor. She spoke so eloquently about complex racial issues and shared her personal stories of growing up in St Louis in a predominantly black neighborhood before moving to a new neighborhood in which she was clearly the racial minority.

While Ginette is young, her wisdom is deep and rooted in common sense. She challenges you to think hard and gives you a reason to examine your own behaviors in such an inviting way that you want to listen and learn.

She’s an accomplished public speaker, an academic scholar, a researcher, historian and recently had the honor of participating in the Congressional Black Caucus’ Boot Camp under-representation of Congresswoman Joyce Beatty.

We take on a lot of topics, and you’re going to love her. Grab a beverage and get comfortable. You’re not going to want to miss a word Ginette has to say. Enjoy!

Show Notes

4:00 How did your experiences differ by which side of St Louis you lived in?
6:40 If you saw Ginette’s old report cards you’d be surprised they were full of these….!
11:40 On early childhood education: How do we infiltrate the early phases of life for a child and give them the tools they may have been lacking, instead of using them as a prison predictor?
13:40 The culture shock of moving across town and how it affected each member of Ginette’s family differently.
18:49 Ginette talks about how her parents instilled the importance of education.
20:57 What did your idea of being an activist look like in late high school/early college?
22:22 Living/growing up in St Louis – how the Mike Brown murder affected Ginette’s growing up.
27:08 “We’re educated on race as if it’s an issue of the past.”
31:55 “I felt BAMBOOZLED!” How the promise of diversity on Ohio State’s campus didn’t live up to its advertisement… and what Ginette decided to do about it to change the student body.
39:00 Advice on navigating self-care versus advocacy… hint: facemasks!
43:36 What’s next for Ginette? Is she entering a bid for President in 2020?
46:00 How YOU can help the OSU Chapter of the NAACP
50:28 The part of the interview Ginette was sweating!
52:19 What’s her last call advice on how to live YOUR 200 Proof Life?

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